Our Lady and St Hubert’s Primary School

We were approached by Our Lady and St Hubert’s Primary School in Oldbury, who were undertaking an exciting new project that would involve moving the students to a new purpose-built facility 1.5 miles away. This was a great opportunity for development and modernisation, and the staff of St Hubert’s recognised that StageMaster would help them to maximise the potential of their new school hall.

To keep costs as low as possible for St Hubert’s, we were able to re-purpose the school’s existing projector, electrical projection screen and radio mic, which are now part of their new, totally integrated StageMaster AV system. We created this StageMaster configuration so St Hubert’s could easily make the most out of the space they use every day, whether it be for assemblies, school plays, concerts, or lessons.


As with all StageMaster installations, the St Hubert’s team were able to pick and choose the elements they wanted to include based on their own requirements and budget.

A 6 metre suspended lighting bar featuring both DMX and 13 amp power outlets for connecting lighting and projection hardware
3 energy efficient yet powerful LED MultiPAR wash lights
2 high powered speakers, flown from the lighting bar for crystal clear audio
A custom lectern housing a sound mixer, HDMI transmission kit, and radio mic receiver
A 22-inch touch screen in the lectern, allowing control of the lighting, projector, screen, and audio
HDMI and VGA fly leads for connecting IT equipment
A ceiling mount for the existing projector

We were delighted to install StageMaster in the brand new St Hubert’s school hall, and worked very closely with both the educational team and the building contractors to ensure the setup would meet the needs of the school whilst fitting seamlessly in with the surrounding space.


Although the new Our Lady and St Hubert’s Primary School has only been open since September 2016, the staff and students are already benefitting from their enhanced new school hall. The space enables them to utilise technology to inform, educate and entertain their students, and there’s also a huge cost-saving element – powering the various IT, lighting and AV elements from one central hub negates the need to run several different pieces of equipment.

Our work hasn’t ended with the installation of the system – we’ll maintain a close relationship with the St Hubert’s leadership team, providing software upgrades to their StageMaster lectern so we can continually evolve and improve it based on their usage and feedback.