Mobile Lectern

Designed for use by students and teachers, the lectern has a touch screen to control the lights, the sound and the visuals with a finger tap.

The intuitive touch interface feels instantly familiar to the iPad and Android generation, but is also easy to use for the non-technically aware, with the clean and clear design and ‘Help me’ feature to explain and guide users whenever help or clarification is needed.

22-inch touch screen for full control
 ‘Help me’ feature to walk users through the functionality
Power for a laptop
Lockable storage drawers
Blu-Ray Player
HDMI and VGA inputs
16-channel input control
Microphone – no batteries required
Onboard radio mic charging
Requires just one standard 13amp plug socket and network port
Built-in rollers make it easy to move and store
Upgrade options:
– Add a customised splash screen to personalise to your school